What is a child Nutritionist?

A child nutritionist guides parents and their children to eat healthily, ensuring their nourishment needs are met.

When to see a child Nutritionist?

There are three reasons you may benefit from speaking to a child nutritionist.


During pregnancy you may have difficulty knowing what foods are best to eat for you or your baby, and want to ensure your body and baby receives the necessary nutrition for development.

At an early stage your child may be moving from breast feeding, and on to solids, where you may want help with weaning or introducing solids into their meal as they progress.


Alternatively, your child may be a fussy eater, and refuse to eat essential vitamins, nutrients or healthy meals. They could be struggling with excess or too little weight, suffer from intolerances or allergies.

What do babies and children need from food and is nutrition important for children?

Nutrition is important to children as it impacts their growth and development which in turn impacts their health as adults.


It is important for children to have a good sense of nutrition and understanding of food, so they make good food choices when they are older.

Is it easy to cook for your baby?

Yes! Cooking for your baby is not only easy but can be fun, enjoyable and incredibly rewarding.


Knowing exactly what ingredients are being used in any food cooked, and that you are in control of all ingredients such as sugars, preservatives, and colourings used, ensures peace of mind.